PPL Course Information

Thanks for your interest in gaining your Private Aeroplane Pilot Licence!

If you would like to have a further chat about your options please give us a call on 07 4772 4997 or email [email protected]

Please download our PPL A course guide which has everything you need to know about our school, training aircraft, the structure of the course and steps to start an enrolment. Have a read through and get in touch with any questions or to get started.

It's worth noting that if you are looking at getting your Commercial Licence as well, you do not have to get your Recreational or Private Licence first. Starting with your CPL will save you time and money overall (particularly under an integrated course).

If you are interested in gaining your Commercial Pilot Licence, please click here for the relevant course information.

Important information about the course:

Further details (including a detailed step by step guide on applying for your Licence Prerequisites) will be provided once you have decided to proceed with an enrolment.

Theory Course Dates

We run an intensive 3 week full time (Mon-Sat) course covering the 7 subjects that make up the PPL theory exam.

The cost of this course is $2995 including GST.

Upcoming 2022 Course Dates:

  • 13 June 2022
  • 5 September 2022

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Students can also choose to self-study the theory if they are very motivated learners. Details on study options can be found in the course guide. 

We usually recommend tackling the theory at the start of your training so that it doesn't sneak up on you when you're nearly finished your flight training hours!

Flight Training

You can begin flight training for your PPL at any time - full time or part time.

For part time training, it's best to fly as often as possible for consistency and to reduce the number of additional hours you require to reach competency. This could mean flying once or twice a week, or coming in for a couple of blocks of full time training. You don't want to leave large gaps between lessons.

Costs do vary, as the number of flight hours needed is determined by competency. The cost of 40 hours flight training hours in a C172 is $16,220 (with 30 hours dual, 10 hours solo).

An approximate total course cost with the minimum 40 flight training hours, plus a three week theory course, PPL book pack and flight test fees is approx. $22,700. Flight training is paid in 10 hour blocks in advance. Most students will take longer than the minimum hours so it's wise to budget for around 50 hours training.

Weight Restrictions

While there is no strict weight limit for flight training in an aeroplane, students over 110kg will need to have a discussion with Townsville Flight Training directly regarding their suitability.

Text Books

Townsville Flight Training uses specific text books and flight training materials for our PPL course. The PPL book pack contains everything you'll need to study with and take with you into the PPL exam.

  • PPL text book pack: $650
  • Flight Training Induction pack: $350

These can either be delivered directly to you, or be ready onsite for the start of your theory course. Books should be ordered at least 3 weeks out from the start of the course to ensure delivery.

Licence Prerequisites

The following are documents you are required by CASA to hold in order to obtain an Australian Private Pilot Licence. These are required before you can undertake solo flight training so it's best to get them organised before you start.

  1. Aviation Reference Number (ARN)
  2. Class 2 Aviation Medical
  3. Aviation Security ID Card (ASIC)

You will need your ARN before you can start your other applications. We recommend starting these processes around 6 weeks out from the course start date to allow enough time for everything to be finalised. 

Trial Flights

Would you like to experience flying before you start a course? Townsville Flight Training conducts Trial Introductory Flights (TIF) where you get to fly the aeroplane. This also gives you an opportunity to see our facilities and chat to an instructor about the course.