Trial Introductory Flight

Looking for a unique gift? TIF's can be purchased as gift cards in the booking form below, allowing the recipient to choose the date they fly!

Do you want to experience the thrill of actually flying an aeroplane? Trial Introductory Flights are ideal as gifts or purely as an introduction to the world of aeroplanes.

Townsville Flight Training offers Trial Introductory Flights (TIF's) to the general public. The program consists of a classroom tutorial on the effects of controls of an aeroplane, followed by a flight in an aeroplane where you actually fly. The aeroplane is fitted with dual controls and a qualified instructor will be there to guide you through the lesson. You will experience take off, operation of the flight controls and landing the aeroplane, whilst also enjoying the coastal views to the north of Townsville city.

Please note: Your friends and family are welcome to take photos, but we are not able to take passengers when we are instructing in the aeroplane.


Cessna 172 Trial Introductory Flight 

(Gift Vouchers Available)

A classroom tutorial and a 30 minute/1 hour flight lesson in a 4 seat aeroplane, called a Cessna 172S*. The Cessna 172 is one of the most common training aeroplanes in Australia.

30 minute TIF - $270 incl GST 

1 hour TIF - $485 incl GST

Please note the above rate is not the regular hourly rate for full-time/part-time students who are committed to their PPL/CPL licence.

*The flight lesson may be conducted in a Cessna 182 instead, depending on availability of aircraft on the day.