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Once you have made the decision to commence your flight training, there are a few steps to go through that will make your training seamless. We recommend the completing these in the order stated, and starting your applications a couple of months out:

1. Apply for your aviation reference number (ARN) online

Navigate to the following link, - You can apply online through the myCASA portal, and attach your 100 points of ID. CASA will process this generally within a week. They will email you a notification of the number. There is also a paper application if you are having trouble accessing the online one:

2. Enter your medical history in the Medical Records System (MRS) and make an appointment for an Aviation Medical

You will require a Class 1 Aviation Medical for a commercial licence, or, a Class 2 Aviation Medical for a private licence.

The first step is to complete the MRS through CASA:

Then, you will need to complete the physical medical, carried out by a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME). Follow this link to find a DAME -  NOTE : YOU WILL NEED YOUR ARN PRIOR TO COMPLETING THE MEDICAL. The Class 1 Medical requires an eye examination and a blood analysis. Appointments to see an Optometrist can be a lengthy wait period. A specialist at Specsavers at Domain Central shopping centre can often offer a quicker appointment - 07 4728 3299. We generally use the Townsville Family Medical Centre for the initial consultation - 07 4759 1100. A flowchart of the steps involved is available here:

3. Apply for your Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC)

The security card can take up to 6 weeks to process, so it is important to make the application early in your training. The ASIC application is a complex form and does require confirmation of your 'Operational Requirement' from us this school specifying that you are training at Townsville Flight Training. The CFI of our school can certify the documents and photos. Once you have the required documents and completed what you can on the form, drop them in, and we can help you finalise it all. Follow this link for the ASIC application

NOTE: You do not require any of the above to commence your flight training, however all are required PRIOR to being allowed to fly solo (without an instructor) This generally happens around the 20 hours (of training) mark. In the event that you fail to obtain any of the above (due to medical or security issues) you will not be able to gain a PPL or CPL licence, so it's worth confirming your eligibility before you start training!