Instrument Rating

Instrument RATING - IR

An Instrument Rating (IR) allows you to fly an aeroplane under the IFR and in IMC.

A minimum of a PPL(A) or CPL(A) is required to begin this course. You will need 50 hours cross-country PIC, 40 hours of instrument time, 5 hours of night time (including 1 hour of solo night circuits) and a pass in the IREX exam before you can sit the flight test.

Course Overview

Instrument Rating (IR) - 47.1 hours (aircraft & sim) + flight test

  • 5 weeks (approx) full time.
  • State of the art Flight Simulator Training Device (FSTD) - our FRASCA RTD.
  • Comfortable, modern and industry relevant aircraft - our Piper PA34 Seneca V and Piper PA31 Navajo.
  • IREX theory may be offered by Townsville Flight Training depending on class size.
  • Students may be eligible to transfer from another instrument rating course to complete their training with us. Please get in touch to discuss your options.

You will need to obtain the following in order to gain your licence. Information on these, and how to complete your applications is available with our course information package.

  • Private Pilot Licence PPL(A) or Commercial Pilot Licence CPL(A).
  • Class 1 or  2 Medical Certificate.
  • Aviation Security ID Card (ASIC).
Previous experience?

Previous flying experience, in some cases, will allow for a reduction in the amount of flying hours you will need to complete toward your instrument rating. Please get in touch to discuss your options.

IREX Theory

IREX theory consists of one exam. You must achieve a pass in all the IREX exam to gain your Instrument Rating (a pass is 70%). Townsville Flight Training may offer the theory at student's request, depending on class size.

There are two main options for you when it comes to the theory aspect of your licence:
  • Full time classroom theory. Our CPL theory is run as a 3 week intensive course, taking you through all of the IREX theory for the exam. This option gives you a focused, classroom environment and the support & experience of our instructors to help you get the most out of your studies. Classes run Mon-Fri 7:30am - approx 2:30pm.
  •  If you are self-motivated, and pick things up easily, you may be able to self-study the theory component of your course. We can provide you with the materials & books you will need to go this route. Please contact us at [email protected] to find out more.
Employment options

There are a variety of employment options available to a commercial, instrument rated pilot;

  • IFR Charter (Passenger, Freight, Mail runs etc.)
  • RPT
  • Coastwatch/Border Surveillance
  • Instructing
  • Airlines
  • Corporate Charter
  • Emergency Medical Services

Approximate costs for IR flight training hours = starting from $23,000. Please get in touch to receive a full Schedule of Fees

If you would like more information about our courses, and information on how to enrol, please fill out our enquiry form and we will get in touch with more information about the course. Alternatively, please give the office a call on 07 4772 4997 to discuss any of your training questions!