About Our School

Townsville Flight Training is a CASA authorised pilot training facility and provides the option to train privately or through TAFE Queensland AVI50219 Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence - Aeroplane). We operate the school at the city’s main International Airport. Our focus is to train students to a level that makes them “Job Ready” within 9 months of starting with us. We also offer Multi Engine Class and Instrument Ratings which allow students to build on their qualifications after gaining their CPL.

Operating from an international airport allows the student to become familiar with this type of controlled airspace. We utilise an open area within the airport that often does not require a lot of radio calls, as well as uncontrolled airspace to the east and the west of the field. This allows us to have uninterrupted training lessons and also immerses the student into the professionalism of flying in a larger city. We are the only school in North QLD that can offer this environment and at the end of the training you are a professional pilot.

Another great aspect about training in Townsville is the weather. On record we enjoy an average of 320 days of sunshine per year. This translates to less interruption to the student's training program. The students will also enjoy the wonderful facilities Townsville has to offer. All types of accommodation are available and the city is host to a wide variety of activities, restaurants and night life. If you need to relax on your days off, Magnetic Island is a short 20 minute ferry ride.


Excellence through Experience - This is what you, the student, will take away with you when you train with us.

The instructors at Townsville Flight Training have a wealth of experience in commercial aeroplane operations. Combined with the extensive knowledge of training operations of the CFI, we feel we have a lot to share with the students.

The only way you can become proficient at the many different types operations is actually being involved in them throughout your aviation career. Every different operation, whether it be tourism, mail runs, charter, survey, flight instruction or airlines require different applications of your flying skills. Our instructors have flown in an enormous amount of different environments. During the course of your training we can highlight the different skills required for different situations. You, the student, will graduate from the training with a broad range of knowledge, that other schools cannot offer.

For all enquiries, please contact our office on 07 4772 4997 or via email at [email protected] and we can address all your questions.

Townsville Flight Training looks forward to training you.

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