Our Instructors

Chief Flying Instructor/ Fixed-Wing Type Specialist – Paul Redford

Paul is the Chief Flying Instructor and Aeroplane Type Specialist of Townsville Flight Training. He has been flying aeroplanes for 24 years. He is a CASA Australia ATPL Licenced Grade 1 Flight Instructor with Multi-Engine Training Approval. He is the holder of Command Instrument and Multi-Engine Class ratings.

During this time he has accummulated 4000 hours in command of aeroplanes with over 2000 hours instructing. He is experienced and endorsed in flying a variety of aircraft including the following;

Single Engine

  • BE 23,24, 77
  • Cessna 152, 172, 172RG, 182, 182RG, 206, 210
  • Piper PA 28, PA 32, PA32R


  • BE 76, Baron
  • Cessna 310, 402
  • Partenavia PN68
  • Piper PA 23, 30/39, 31, 34/34(T)

Airline Type Ratings

  • Dash 8

His total career has included 14 years as Flight Instructor based in Innisfail, QLD, Alice Springs, NT and Sydney, NSW. Over this period he has also flown several other single and multi-engine airwork and charter VFR operations including:

  • Flight Instruction
  • Aerial Photography
  • Tourism
  • Mail runs
  • Charter
  • Fisheries industry spotting support
  • Fresh food transport

Multi-Engine IFR operations include:

  • QLD and NSW Government Support
  • QLD and NSW Emergency Service Operations support
  • WA Resource industry support
  • WA Royal Flying Doctor Service Multi-Engine Piston Clinic-Run Contract pilot
  • QLD, NSW, WA Patient Transport
  • Charter
  • Island Hopping
Grade 3 Instructor - Pablo Velasquez

Pablo is a Flight and Theory Instructor with Townsville Flight Training. He completed his Commercial Licence at age 20 and has moved up from Sydney to enjoy our sunshine and relaxed environment. He is experienced at flying the Cessna 152, Cessna 172, Cessna 206 and Piper Cheroke.